Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drew: Artsy

My story with Drew begins the same way it began with Gregg, except I had encountered Drew at the street fair one year earlier than Gregg. We began discussing a shoot well over a year ago, but scheduling and some other issues kept stalling it. Then in February he contacted me to set up a date, and wanted me to shoot him for his new personal training business. I asked if we could also do some of my less straightforward shots as well, which we referred to as the "artsy" shots versus the "sporty" shots.

Two days before the shoot, Drew contacted me to potentially reschedule. Something had happened and he had developed a black eye. I said I thought I could both use that and work around it, but we set up a date the following week just in case. I fully expected to do both the artsy and the sporty shots, but when Drew arrived, he hadn't brought any of the costumes or props for the sporty stuff, so we spent the entire evening shooting artsy pictures. I loved it.

These photos were taken on March 8th, 2011.

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