Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Robbie: Cold

I was looking forward to my shoot with Robbie, and I was supposed to shoot him on the day that I ended up shooting Joe for the second time during my San Francisco trip, but he needed to postpone a few days.

Unfortunately, while that initial date would have been perfect, by the time we did shoot, the weather in SF had gotten a bit more typical for February. The morning of our shoot it was pouring rain and I thought we'd end up having to do the whole thing indoors. Well, the rain stopped and the sun came out but... it stayed cold. I rushed to get as many outdoor shots as I could before Robbie started visibily shivering.

Then we moved indoors, and I scrambled a bit to be creative in my friend Kurt's apartment, a space not really set up for this sort of shooting. The same space appears in Joe's photos, as well as a shoot I had a few days later, and some of my self portraits. I did what I could.

These photos were taken on Feb 16th, 2011.

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