Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shaul: Nervous

My first shoot after returning from San Francisco meant my first shoot in the studio in weeks, and I was nervous, strange, like I'd forgotten what I was doing. Shaul was nervous too; he'd never done something like this before. And in fact, I DID forget what I was doing: I had the setting wrong on the camera for the first fifteen minutes, and ended up with a big pile of unusable shots.

But once I fixed the settings, I relaxed, and maybe Shaul was still nervous, but it turns out that that doesn't really matter. Few of the guys I shoot are professional models, and many haven't really been shot a lot before, or at all, but yet, somehow it always works. I think the nervousness adds something intriguing. I don't know if I'd want to graduate to only shooting people who are unfazed by cameras.

These photos were taken on Mar 1st, 2010.

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